Secure payment

how to pay?

Any order placed on La Gastillo® is payable in cash the day of the order. That is to say that after placing an order on the website, you will receive a confirmation of your order or e-mail and / or SMS telling you that your order has been accepted, before payment thereof. We turn to the delivery of your package, after receipt of the total amount, without discount or credit. The only means of payment accepted at this time, are cash:
In order of preference and according to the economic benefit cost payment,

--- Flooz, payment on mobile phone, with MOOV
--- National transfer WESTERN UNION
--- Paypal, credit card payment

Only the aforementioned means of payment are accepted. Any other type of transfer accepted must first be subject for his choice of a mutual agreement between the customer and La Gastillo®. With Flooz, you pay online without moving. 

when to pay?

For your own convenience, and to avoid any inconvenience, please wait for confirmation of your order by e-mail or SMS before any purchase settlement. Any order placed on this site is reserved for 48 h in the limit of available stock.
Make your online shopping La Gastillo® on 24 h / 24, wherever you are. You have a secure payment, you pay when you decide. If you choose the "National Transfer WESTERN UNION" option for your payment, we offer to participate in your transfer fee of 50%, that is to say a benefit of 50% will be refund  on your fees transfer.

* Transfer fee implies additional costs to pay at the counter services, when sending money via western union..

For more information on the cost comparison of a transfer with the different types of payment, please send your request to directly and we will send you the comparison tables at cost.