La Gastillo® is an e-commerce company that brings together on its platform thousands of subscribers around the world. Its headquarters is located in the heart of Lomé.

La Gastillo® is a simple site to use created to facilitate its users quick access to useful information, sharing and learning. Bring together people around the same topics of interest and allow everyone to bring, tips or any positive contribution to the development of our communities. Structured on 2 beaches:
The commercial range for the sales of consumables any kind and benefits of SEO services, advertising and marketing consulting.
The beach devoted to the Togolese diaspora, youth and anyone wishing to invest in Togo for development, economic and social, of the topics for discussion which allows any person who will be registered to participate in the forums by sending his comments. Deemed disrespectful or anti-social comments will not be validated (confers the General conditions of use of the site).

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Website General conditions of use
La Gastillo® welcomes you to its site.                                                                                                                                                    Last updated October 09, 2016

lt is very important to read the terms of use of the site before register or subscribe to any proposed service.However, when you use a service you are also subject to the conditions and the rules applicable to this particular service. In case of discrepancy with the present general conditions of use of the site, only the conditions and rules applicable to this particular service on LaGastillo® will prevail.

Conditions of use of the site

1. Your account

On La Gastillo® you are responsible for the confidentiality of all information related to your account and your password to restrict access to such personal data and to prevent any unauthorized access to your account. You are alone  responsible for all activities associated with this account. You have the ability to edit your personal information at any time if necessary, as well as your password as soon as you think that it would be known to a third party, or is is likely to be used in a fraudulent manner. So make the necessary so that the password remains confidential and secure, and inform us immediately if a problem is related. The confidentiality concerning your personal data is guaranteed in accordance with the laws relating to the protection of privacy.

Please ensure that all information concerning you are correct on the site. La Gastillo® reserves the right to deny you access to the site, and to close your account with full rights in the event of serious failure on your part to these terms and conditions.

2. Access to the site

Some services are available only to the major persons; persons over 18 years. These include commercial advertising and marketing services. To purchase online by a minor of the products for sale on the site, any transaction above the threshold by a certain amount should be done with the assistance of a parent, guardian or a person who became responsible for.

3. Access to the Tchat service

To be even closer to its customers, La Gastillo® has reserved this space in order to respond quickly to your questions. Any person who wishes to use our services or ask a question online, as a visitor is welcome. Simply click on " Tchat " dialog window opens. We do not store account, please create your username and password every time you want to connect. When the following window appears: [your account has been created and you are logged in], then you are connected, and you will be served by one of our advisors online. But if you see the following window: [registration are closed] then it means that the line is busy or consultants are not available, also check hours of service. In this case, the line will be temporarily unavailable, please reconnect later.

4. Modification of the service and the General conditions of use

We reserve the right to make changes to the services offered on the site at our procedures, including the terms of use at any time. You are subject to the terms and conditions, procedures and conditions of use in force at the time when you use any service  on La Gastillo®, and this does not affect the services you have subscribed before the amendment except in cases of "major force". If any provision of these terms of use is deemed invalid, void, or unenforceable, regardless of the reason, this stipulation will be therefore deemed severable and will not affect the implementation of the remaining provisions.

5. The mark

lagastillo.net, La Gastillo® and LaGastillo® logo and other trademarks appearing on the site are trademarks owned by third parties or registered trademarks of La Gastillo®. Graphics, logos, headers, icons, buttons, scripts and La Gastillo® service names are trademarks or trade dress of the site. The trademarks and trade dress of La Gastillo® can be used in connection with any product or service not being the property of La Gastillo®, any manner likely to cause confusion in the minds of customers, or could denigrate or discredit La Gastillo®. All other trademarks not owned by La Gastillo® listed on the site are the property of their respective owners, these whether or not affiliated to La Gastillo®, in relation to it or sponsored by it. All images and pics on this site are protected by copyright and therefore subject to copyright. Any reproduction or use of these images is strictly prohibited without prior written consent, otherwise should be subject to judicial review.

The General conditions of sale

1. The price

Prices of products sold on the site are in FCFA off participation in processing and shipping costs, unless the client remove itself its product to the address indicated on the order where no other fees would be added to it. All orders are payable in F CFA. La Gastillo® reserves the right to modify its prices constantly but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the recording of the orders subject to availability on that date. No intra-Community purchases can only be done on the site. Relation to the clause of reserve of property; the products remain the property of La Gastillo® until full payment of the price to La Gastillo®.

2. The order

To place an order, the customer must have 18 years or more, or otherwise to be assisted by an adult that would be the officer or guardian. The customer may place his order:

-on the internet www.lagastillo.net via his personal account.
-by phone at 97214345 from Monday to Friday from 8 h a12h and 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
-or by e-mail: serviceclient@lagastillo.net, by sending us a clear message in which we could take notice of the exact application that he would have made with all the details related.

La Gastillo® accepts no command passed by any means other than one of those listed above. When placing an order, the customer makes an offer to purchase with La Gastillo®. The latter reserves the right to accept or refuse this offer.
Indeed, La Gastillo® specifically reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

3.  The payment

Any order placed on La Gastillo® is payable in cash the day of the order. That is to say that after placing an order on the website, you will receive a confirmation of your order or e-mail and / or SMS telling you that your order has been accepted, before payment thereof. We turn to the delivery of your package, after receipt of the total amount, without discount or credit. The only means of payment accepted at this time, are cash:
In order of preference and according to the economic benefit cost payment,

--- Flooz, payment on mobile phone, with MOOV
--- National transfer WESTERN UNION
--- Paypal, card secure payment

Only the aforementioned means of payment are accepted. Any other type of transfer accepted must first be subject for his choice of a mutual agreement between the customer and La Gastillo®. With Flooz, you pay online without moving. Make your online shopping La Gastillo on 24 h / 24, wherever you are. You have a secure payment, you pay when you decide.

If you choose the "National Transfer WESTERN UNION" option for your payment, we offer to participate in your transfer fee to the tune of 50%, that is to say a benefit of 50% will be refunded  on your fees transfer. But the minimum order amount for payment by Western Union is 5 000 F CFA.

* Transfer fee implies additional costs to pay at the counter services, when sending money via western union..

For more information on the cost comparison of a transfer with the different types of payment, please send your request to contact@lagastillo.net directly and we will send you the comparison tables at cost.

4.  The validation of the order

If the order is accepted by La Gastillo®, you will receive a notification of its acceptance that earned an order confirmation. The order confirmation is sent by e-mail to the customer subject that it indicated an address e-mail, or SMS. The order confirmation will be effective from the date of shipment. If the order made by the customer will then not be accepted for any reason whatsoever, La Gastillo® will attempt to contact the client by e-mail, or by telephone, or by mail to inform him. The client declares to have read and accepted the present general conditions of sale before placing his order. The validation of the order by the customer is, therefore, acceptance of these general conditions of sale without reservation.

Before placing an order on the site , you must register by our registration form. And you will receive your password after registration, which will allow you to fill your order in which lies the "Password " box, a required field . Check all the features and details of the items that interest you before confirming your shopping cart. After confirming your order , you have 24 hours from the date of receipt of the e -mail confirmation of your order to your payment . Before this time, you have the option to cancel the purchase by sending a cancellation note to the following address message: serviceclient@lagastillo.net . After a period of 24 hours the order is no longer valid , if we do not receive acknowledgment for payment. However, you may still cancel your purchase after you paid, if you wish. Therefore, you still have 24 hours to cancel by sending as usual, a message to customer service. After this time , our customer service would have already made the step of shipping the package and any cancellation is not possible. Make sure you receive in return, in all cases an e -mail acknowledgment of your cancellation message for command and you will be refunded of the full amount of your payment after deduction of transfer fees ( this is your responsibility indeed ) . So make sure to check all details before purchase. Your payment will be made by the payment type that you selected from those who are accepted, and will be payable to the sales department at the address which will be indicated in the e -mail confirmation of your order.

After the payment , you will receive information about the transaction that you made for the order on La Gastillo®. Then, send an email to : serviceclient@lagastillo.net or SMS to 97214345 , stating your order number , the number of transfer if you have it, your name and e -mail address. Check carefully and make sure you send us the correct data , without making mistakes to make our job easier and to provide you excellent service in return .

5.  Availability

La Gastillo® offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site; your home page, within the limit of stocks available. Although the platform is updated daily, it may be that when ordering an item is no longer available in stock. In this case the customer service will contact you to inform and possibly offer you an alternative product you wish to purchase. If you don't accept our suggestions, we will cancel your order or articles we cannot provide you, and we will refund any amount that you can have paid us for these products. These sums will be our sole liability to you if we cannot deliver products that you have ordered.

6. Delivery

6.1  Generalities about the delivery

You will receive your package by mail, and for the shipping cost you'll pay 1000 CFA in addition to the total price of your order. These shipping costs are free for orders over 30 000 F CFA.
The products purchased on www.lagastillo.net are only delivered to Togo. After delivery of the products to the selected carrier, we will send you a confirmation of shipment by e-mail provided if you have indicated an e-mail address. The products are delivered to the delivery address that you indicated during the ordering process. In the case of deliverable articles on different dates, taking into account their availability La Gastillo® reserves the possibility of splitting the deliveries. Only products shipped will be then debited. Participation in the costs of processing and shipping will be charged for a single shipment. La Gastillo® cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery. Any orders not shipped within 45 days will be cancelled unless stipulated otherwise and announced in the offer of sale.The conformity of the delivered goods must be checked at the time of delivery and before signing the notification with the carrier.

Our deliveries are generally made within 72 h. The delivery address must be complete, a telephone number must be indicated. Certain sensitive products, specific can be subject of a special delivery time, depending on their weight or if they are fragile or bulky. Our delivery deadlines are indicative and are not rigorous, they are for orders placed on the site, from the date of order confirmation. La Gastillo® shall in no event be held liable for late delivery. Failure to meet a deadline or delivery date may in no case give rise to compensation, damages or cancellation of order.

Any event of force majeure beyond our control (strikes, 'lock out', war...) and which prevents or delays a scheduled delivery releases the Gastillo® of its obligations.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to take the necessary steps to provide a delivery address to easily withdraw his package in one of the many points of withdrawal of the post. It is expressly agreed that the transfer of ownership of the ordered goods becomes effective upon its release of our shops. As a result, the buyer agrees to accept all risks, including those relating to transport, apart from the hypothesis of transport by La Gastillo® (an option) where additional insurance charges will be added to ensure your parcel.

6.2 Problems on delivery

You must report to us any anomaly concerning the delivery (damaged product, opened packages). This audit is considered to be made once the purchaser, or a person authorized by her, signed delivery receipt. These reservations must be forwarded to La Gastillo® within 24 hours so that a folder can be opened.
In case of delay in delivery compared to the date specified in the mail from shipping, we ask you to indicate us this delay by calling us by phone or by sending us an email. From the moment where the carrier considers the package as lost we can return you a product of replacement at our expense. If the product (s) ordered are no longer available at this time, La Gastillo® will refund the amount of products affected by the loss of the carrier. If  product (s) are still available but have changed price, then we'll apply the new sale price.
La Gastillo® disclaims any responsibility for the lengthening of delivery because of the carrier, particularly in the case of loss of the goods or strike

7. Retraction

For reasons of safety, comfort and integrity in order to ensure the quality of services to each customer, returns of goods are not accepted. Please ensure that all details related to the items in your order before any acceptance and validation on our part. The only option you have if you change your mind, if not send an email to cancel the purchase within a period of 24 hours before the shipment of the order, it is when you'd been personally at the point of sale of the products concerned (well before the shipment of the items) in order to make a final decision after assessment by your own care, in which case we thus proceed to the cancellation of your order as you would like. You will receive entirely your refund.

8. Customer service

For any information or question, our customer service is at your disposal at the following addresses:

La Gastillo®
15 bp 232 Lomé
Tel: 97214345
​Email: contact@lagastillo.net